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Steve Roberts

Fantasy Of Steve A Roberts

Old Town, FL


Steve's fantasy artwork adorns fantasy publications, from books to puzzles, greeting cards, RPG games and more. The artwork can make or break a game, and draw you into that special fantasy novel. The artist must create characters that live and breathe. Steve accomplishes this in his many magical illustrations he has created. Steve's work is always a standout, his grasp of color and composition enables him to bring a story to life with the magic and wonder that only an artist with the unique vision and skill of Steve A Roberts can accomplish. A talented artist of vision and technique, Steve A Roberts is entirely self-taught in his skills. This he did by studying the works of his childhood heroes - legendary fantasy artists like Frank Frazetta and The Brothers Hildebrandt. Steve received his only formal training, when he sat in on classes at the Ringling School Of Art.


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